Former Star Ballet Dancer Teatro alla Scala

Cultural Foundation PENSARE oltre President

Knight of Merit of the Italian Republic



from 2007


from 2007

‘07/’12 Godmother for Children Cultural Movement PENSARE oltre (THINKING beyond)

‘13/’18 President of PENSARE oltre Cultural Movement

‘19 United Nations – New York – Speech on Summit “Right to Education” 

‘19 Founder and President of the PENSARE oltre Cultural Foundation – Senate of Republic – Rome

‘19 Co-author of new Educational Paradigm Masters of Art for Childhood

‘19 Co-author of book: The Art of Educating by Masters of Arts for Childhood 

’20 International Dance & Dance Festival – Speech on childhood education 

’21 – Radio TV and Magazine Participations for Bravo! of Masters of Art – Film Series 

’22 – Radio TV and Magazine Participations for Bravo! of Masters of Art – The App

 ’23 Knight of Merit of the Italian Republic

PENSARE oltre Cultural Foundation >>

Art Director

from 2006

Art Director

from 2006

‘00 Abc of Body – Art, Balance & Communication Creator – Aesthetics of movement and gesture

‘05/’17 Art Director of Children’s Gala: La Scala Milan – Regio Turin – Opera Rome

‘09/’16 Art Director Event of Lucca Comix Festival – Turin International Book Hall

‘16 Art Director Tenth Anniversary of PENSARE oltre – Senate of the Republic and Gessi Gala

18/19 Author and Artistic Director Masters of Art for Children – San Babila Theater– Milan

’20 Director of “Art Workshops” for Teachers in Bravo! of Masters of Art in digital.

‘21 Director of Film Series “Bravo! of Masters of Art” – Mediaset Infinity Streaming Platform

‘22/’23 Art Director of Bravo! of Masters of Arts App – Guide to the films.

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Ballet Star

Until 2007

Ballet Star

Until 2007

‘81/07 Teatro alla Scala Ballet Company Star Classical ballet of Teatro alla Scala

’07 Farewell to Dance – Toscanini Foyer – Teatro alla Scala


Protagonist of Classical and Contemporary choreography by

R. Nureyev, G. Balanchine, J. Cranco, F. Ashton, A. Haley, J. Kilian, 

M. Ek, M. Van Hoecke, L. Falco, U. Scholz, M. Bigonzetti.


 M. Guerra, J. Bocca, P. Chauffus, L. Hilare, M. Legris, J. Carregno, 

A. Fedotov, P. Dupon, R. Harrison, R. Bolle, R. Paganini, M. Murru


‘87 Candy “A Star is Born”

‘95 Massine for the “Promise of Dance”

‘97 Dance & Dance Stars of Giselle

‘98 Gold Valentino “A Message of love”

‘01 Arenzano Dance for a “Great Artistic Career”

‘07 Godmother of Childhood from Undersecretary for Justice

‘09 The Protagonists – Comedit Group – “Art and Culture Excellence”

‘14 Crystal – Santa Chiara – President of PENSARE oltre 

‘17 Business Voices “President of PENSARE oltre

‘19 Co-parenting Gesef – President of PENSARE oltre

‘19 “With Sun on the face” – President of PENSARE oltre

’20 “Gold Nutcracker for “Bravo! of Masters of Art” 

’23 Honor of Knight of Merit of the Italian Republic

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